Throwback Thursday

Although the weather and snow has not been so good this season, and I have unfortunately been unable to film a lap with a local. Here's a little video that Eli Saltzberg and I made before mother nature became so unwilling to cooperate.


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WMC - Brown, Tan , White and Fuzzy

Just so everybody knows, these boys have been dropping some serious heat this winter season. Once again, these guys don't disappoint. With Peiter Beyers behind the lens and Dempsey Rocchio with the cutting and pasting skills, it's bound to be a decent Monday morning watch.  Check out their Newschoolers Page.

Featuring Alex Jordan, Taylor "Single Now" Payne and Dempsey Rocchio. Enjoy!




Our Process : Scott Sueme

Not Just Black Paint.

Sueme @ Agenda 2013

Sueme @ Agenda 2013

Every season we come up with new ways to make the park more efficient, in every way you can think of. From reusing metals, buying metal, finding scraps at junkyards, figuring out how to move features easier, outsourcing new vendors and summer grooming etc.. The list goes on and on.

One of the simplest things that we have to get done is branding our features. This season, we went for more of the minimalist look on the features and it turned out really nice. The cool thing about the logos on the rail features is the paint that's being used, something the average person probably doesn't  think about, or assumes it's plain old boring black spray paint - NOPE.

MTN Cans

MTN Cans

Montana Colours or MTN Colours originates from Barcelona, Spain, where group of "active" street artists were getting fed up with lack of quality, colours and control of the current spray paint brands available. They took it upon themselves to create company that filled a void in a niche market. Check them out here.

So, how did we get involved with using Montana paint? Personally, I have always been fan of graffiti and its creativity. Back in the day I used to skate with this kid from East Van named Sueme, who was a good dude, great skater and awesome artist. As we got older and matured, like most things in life, we ended up going our separate ways. I gravitated to the mountains and he went on pursuing his thing, and later landed himself in Emily Carr Institution studying art history, and expanding his horizons - Shocking.


After school, Sueme and couple of friends decided to rent a studio downtown and make their thing full time. Aside from creating all day and or traveling the world, Sueme became friendlier with MTN colours, and eventually began working together.

I thought it was pretty good idea to get the park using a spray paint brand that was not just about covering rust with colours, but one that was involved with creating in many different mediums.

MTN Colours came from humble beginnings and has a massive creative, young community behind it.. Kind of like snowboarding as a whole.  It's just paint, but sometimes it's the small things that make a bigger difference, even if you can't see them right away.

So when you look at those logos in park, you now know its more then just black paint.

Grouse Park Logo.

Grouse Park Logo.


Feel free to browse Sueme's website or give him follow on Instagram @scottsueme

Sequence Saturday 27

Another week, another Sequence Saturday. This week it's Adrian Tongko styling it in the wee hours of the morning at last year's 24 Hours of Winter Event. Check out those rays though!

Got a sick sequence for us? Email your images (minimum 5) to, and be sure to include Sequence Saturday in your subject line. Your name and the athlete's name should be included in the body of the email, as well as links to appropriate social media or website if you have one. Make sure the images are yours! No need to know how to create a gif-we'll do it for you. Images should be: at least 1600px long side and 72dpi. If we're stoked on it, you might be featured!

- Kaz