Stiffy's Boardshop Riders Ghosting Grouse Park

It stokes me out when I see riders reppin their local shops. Tonight the Stiffy's Boardshop crew was mobbin at Grouse Park and they are the real deal. I hit laps for about an hour and watched the four pack filming, and linking up a bunch of good lines with good style. I've wanted to try some long exposure photos in the park at night and this seemed like a good time to get it done.

Here is the Stiffy's crew 'ghosting' in the Grouse Park.

Ghost Mat Seabrook - Backside Boardslide 270 Out

Ghost Sam Sclater - Lipslide 270 Out

Ghost Pat Campbell - Frontside Nosepress

Ghost Sam Sclater - Frontside 5-0

Ghost Sam Sclater - Frontside Boardslide


- Myrosha

Wooley Mitt Clan - Spring Edit

WMC coming straight outta North Van

So lets kick off the next couple of sunny days with an edit from The WMC (Wooley Mitt Clan). The WMC  is complied of skiers and snowboarders, born and bred on the hills of North Vancouver, with the exception of 'The Flying Scotsman' Michael Tiberius French who hails from the hobbity hill of Scotland. 

On Deck we have Alex Jordan, Taylor Payne, Dempsey Rocchio, Michael French, Pieter Beyers and Ringer Leader Aid On.