First hits in the Cut Park!

If you don't know, now you know. The Cut Park is here. I decided to go and see what was up on the cut's opening day. I met up with Liam MacDonald and Adrian Tongko getting the first shots of the day. Liam was nice enough to send over the goods. Enjoy!  

I heard a couple G's shut down the park. You know hammers are being thrown when Dave Walcer is on the scene. 

Behold: the Cut Park, 8 features. Adrian with a front nose blunt.

Adrian gets introduced to the Chasm of Death. As you can see they got acquainted pretty easily with a switch backside 180.

Switch backside 540 over the city. Want to get featured on the Grouse Park Blog? Get up there and Instagram it with #ChasmofDeath. 

That's all for now! If you like these photos check out more from Liam MacDonald here

-Andrew Santos 


Stiffy's Boardshop Riders Ghosting Grouse Park

It stokes me out when I see riders reppin their local shops. Tonight the Stiffy's Boardshop crew was mobbin at Grouse Park and they are the real deal. I hit laps for about an hour and watched the four pack filming, and linking up a bunch of good lines with good style. I've wanted to try some long exposure photos in the park at night and this seemed like a good time to get it done.

Here is the Stiffy's crew 'ghosting' in the Grouse Park.

Ghost Mat Seabrook - Backside Boardslide 270 Out

Ghost Sam Sclater - Lipslide 270 Out

Ghost Pat Campbell - Frontside Nosepress

Ghost Sam Sclater - Frontside 5-0

Ghost Sam Sclater - Frontside Boardslide


- Myrosha